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Say no to boring protein!

Finding a protein powder you truly love makes it so much easier to actually hit your goals. After all, you’re more likely to stick to your food plan when you enjoy what you’re consuming! Ditch the bland, chalky proteins that are bringing you down with their fillers and boring flavours. Live your fittest life with protein that’s as delicious as it is nutritious!

Our little flavor secret

How can you make a whey protein isolate shake taste rich and decadent without adding a ton of calories? Flavour Layer Technology®  to the rescue! Instead of relying on just 1 flavour ingredient, we combine 4-6 unique ones to make your shake experience truly gourmet! To achieve this we teamed up with top global flavour producers, including one that supplies BEN & JERRY’S* - known for their unparalleled ice cream flavours! We spared no expense to deliver great-tasting protein.

Whey Gourmet with flavor splash
Product information


- Canadian made since 2001
- No Artificial Colours
- No Gluten

20 grams protein120 Calories100% Gourmet
Whey Gourmet Product Family Shot

Nutritious, fast & oh-so satisfying

As an excellent source of protein, these nutritious shakes won’t leave you feeling hungry or deprived, but energized and ready to tackle your day! Besides 25 grams of pure protein it’s also a natural source of calcium and is low in sodium. WHEY GOURMET® mixes up easily in any shaker cup – no blender required! It's 100% whey made 100% gourmet!

Where to buy

WHEY GOURMET® products are available at the following retailers, please visit their websites for locations and phone numbers.