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Whey Gourmet Protein

Frequently Asked Questions

How to enjoy?

MIXES FAST – SAVES YOU TIME IN YOUR HECTIC LIFE! As part of your normal food plan, shake or mix up 1 serving per 150-250mL (~6-8 fl oz) of water (or milk or with smoothies too) anytime you want to nourish your body with an excellent source of better-tasting protein! And for even more protein, simply up the amount of powder and water used!

How should I mix Whey Gourmet®?

Whey Gourmet® mixes fast to save you time in your hectic life! As part of your normal food intake, mix 1 serving with 150-250mL (~6-8 fl oz) of water any time you want to nourish your body with an excellent source of better-tasting protein!

For even more protein satisfaction, add an extra scoop, or blend it in a smoothie with milk - the choice is yours!

Here’s some mixing tips from our 20+ years of experience in protein shakes:
- To make your shake sweeter and thicker, use LESS liquid.
- To make it less sweet and less thick, use MORE liquid.
- To fill you up longer, blend it with plenty of ice, plain yogurt, or frozen fruit.

Is Whey Gourmet® safe for kids?

Yes, our protein powders are safe for everyone in the family! If your child has difficulty consuming enough protein through whole foods, either due to allergies, intolerances or being a picky eater, then Whey Gourmet® protein shakes is an easy solution to help them meet their daily needs. However, children do not need as much protein as adults do, so make sure to adjust their serving size according to how much protein they need based on their age and weight.

What's the difference between Whey Gourmet Isolate® and Whey Gourmet Original®?

Our Whey Gourmet Isolate® protein is ultra filtered so it contains more protein per scoop with only trace amounts of carbs and fat. This allows the protein to be more rapidly absorbed and replenish tired muscles quickly. On the other hand, Whey Gourmet Original® contains a little more carbs and fat per scoop, and a few grams less protein; as a result, the protein will be digested more slowly, which is ideal for those who need a more filling protein shake.

Where do your ingredients come from?

We have over 500 ingredients in our facility which come from over 20 countries. To ensure food safety, we do not just rely on trusting one country over another. We rely on Quality Control safety tests. The main test is to verify the product is safe for human consumption, which involves testing for mold, yeast, salmonella, e-coli and bacteria. Next our specification involves testing for heavy metals (eg: lead, mercury, cadmium). These two sets of tests validate food safety regardless of where an ingredient comes from. We also go an extra step further for dairy ingredients like whey protein. We are one of the few dietary supplement facilities in the world that performs additional tests on whey protein for the pathogenic bacteria, listeria, a particularly nasty bacteria. This is all part of our export food safety process. Our products can also undergo other tests as well (eg: Informed Choice drug test; Ingredient Identity; Ingredient Potency; True Bound Protein, and more).

Are your products Halal certified?

Many of the ingredients we use are Halal, but we have not undertaken to have our facility be certified Halal.