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Whether you're looking for post workout recovery or are simply wondering how to get more protein in your diet, WHEY GOURMET® ISOLATE is the perfect fit for any food plan. Uniquely delicious - even in water - this lean 120 calorie metabolism-supporting protein shake makes sticking to good daily habits and reaching your goals easier!

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Say no to boring protein!

Finding a protein powder you truly love makes it so much easier to actually hit your goals; after all, you’re more likely to stick to your food plan when you enjoy what you’re consuming! Ditch the bland, chalky proteins that are bringing you down with their fillers and boring flavours - live your fittest life with protein that’s as delicious as it is nutritious!

Our little flavour secret

How can you make a whey protein isolate shake taste rich and decadent without adding a ton of calories? Flavour Layer Technology™  to the rescue! Instead of relying on just 1 flavour ingredient, we combine 4-6 unique ones to make your shake experience truly gourmet! To achieve this, in 2001 (because no one was doing this at the time!) we teamed up with top global flavour producers, including one that supplies BEN & JERRY’S* - known for their unparalleled ice cream flavours! We spared no expense to deliver great-tasting protein.

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Product information


- Canadian made since 2001
- Grass Fed††
- Drug Tested‡‡ By Informed-Choice
- No Artificial Colours
- No Gluten, no Guilt
- Enzymes for Gentle Digestion

25 grams of protein12 grams of EAA and BCAA120 Calories100% Gourmet Flavor

Nutritious, fast & oh-so satisfying

As an excellent source of protein, these nutritious shakes won’t leave you feeling hungry or deprived, but energized and ready to tackle your day! Besides 25 grams of pure protein it’s also a natural source of calcium and is low in sodium. WHEY GOURMET® ISOLATE mixes up easily in any shaker cup – no blender required! It's 100% whey made 100% gourmet!

Start loving your high-protein diet today, because you deserve it.

Available Canada-wide exclusively at Costco in-store and

What others think

“Best whey protein I’ve ever used”

I have it every morning blended with spinach. My go-to breakfast! Will order again in chocolate flavour!

Saem Kim

“The flavour is delicious”

The powder is very fine and mixes well. High quality!

Beatrice Washington

“My husband’s favorite!”

A staple in our house! Used for shakes, baking, in oatmeal, and more!

Tina Brooks

“I love it”

I’ve been using this product for a while now and I love it. It does not upset my stomach because of the fact that it’s whey isolate.

Stephanie Barnes

“By far the best protein I have tried”

All of the flavours are phenomenal, they mix well, and they are easy on my stomach.

Char Laurent

“A must buy!”

Tastes amazing and gut-friendly.

Madhu Puri
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Enjoy with or without milk

Unlike many other protein powders, our formula was specifically created to taste fantastic in just WATER! Can you add Whey Gourmet® to milk, coffee or smoothies? Absolutely! But count on an amazing experience no matter what.

How clean is Whey Gourmet® ISOLATE?

We formulate without wheat, gluten, peanuts, eggs, and without any other proteins added – just 100% whey protein goodness.

Our product is also trusted by many athletes, including those at professional and Olympic levels. To earn their trust (and yours), our protein is consistently tested by the world class anti-doping agency program, Informed-Choice; it’s how we give you and your family that extra reassurance when wondering what protein powder is best!

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Is This Lactose Free Protein?

WHEY GOURMET® ISOLATE is almost entirely lactose free, too! Canadian labelling regulations** state to claim “lactose free”there must be “no detectable lactose.” All whey isolates will contain minimal trace amounts of lactose (about the same tiny amount of lactose as 1/10th of a glass of milk) so rest assured that your stomach can very likely tolerate our protein powder!

The Bottom Line

Whey Gourmet® was created to serve your needs better by saving you time, money, and confusion about getting filler-free, lean protein that you actually enjoy into your diet plan. Savor the simplicity of indulging in a whey protein that tastes fantastic and allows you to finally reach your goals!

Time Saving
Save Time

Make a shake or even a smoothie, in less than a minute!

Save money
Save Money

A typical protein shake or smoothie costs $4 - $8 when you're out and about; 1 serving of Whey Gourmet® costs less than $1.20!

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Staying On Track Made Simple!

Reach your goals with an excellent and delicious 120 calorie source of pure protein that’s also low in carbs, fat and sodium

Available Canada-wide exclusively at Costco in-store and

*Ben & Jerry’s® is not affiliated with nor expressly endorses WHEY GOURMET® nor Fit Foods® Ltd.


Per serving. ††From dairy suppliers’ specification where forage is 75-95% of the herd’s diet.

‡‡INFORMED-CHOICE™ tested by the anti-doping lab LGC (ISO 17025 - same standard as IOC/WADA labs). See